Anthology Submission

Ladies & gentlemen, all ye inhabitants of

Dastaan world, writers of all things fiction!


Hear ye, Hear ye! Let it be known to all writers throughout the land that Dastaan World is seeking story submissions for publication in its anthologies. Read on, and discover everything you need to know to successfully submit your stories, and increase your chances of getting published.

Now, we know this is not how it’s usually done but doing what you’re supposed to do is no fun, is it? We are, therefore, going to render open multiple anthologies at once. No longer do you have to wait for your preferred genre. You can pick and choose or submit to every anthology, all at once.

So, dust off your keyboards, sharpen your quills, and put those incredible minds and hands to work writing short stories and flash fiction.

Rejoice, for you have twelve [12] new opportunities

to get published in a year starting from July 2019!


Why you should submit

Dastaan world’s anthologies will be published through Lulu and Amazon in both print and digital formats. Every contributing author will receive a free digital copy following the publication.

For each published anthology, we will invite a select panel of judges comprised exclusively of authors. They will rate and rank all stories [except their own], and determine the best story from each volume.

The author of the best story from each anthology will receive USD 50 in prize money, and an exclusive interview with Dastaan World magazine.

[The winning author’s story in the next immediate anthology, if any, will be removed from consideration.]

Every author who has six [6] stories accepted for publication between July, 2019 and June, 2020 will receive USD 100 in prize money, and a dedicated author page on the Dastaan World website where they can promote any and all of their work.

How to submit

*- Send all your submissions to:

*- Use Subject Line:  “Submission for [Insert Name] Anthology”

*- All stories must be written in Shunn format.

*- Attach a word document to the email. Do not copy & paste your work into the body of the email.

*- Include your author bio, and links to your website and social media in the body of the email.

*- It is highly recommended to have your work proofread and edited before submission.

Submission guidelines

*- Dastaan world’s Anthologies do not now, and never will, have a submission fee. We do, however, request that you do your best to promote and market any anthology which includes your work, and indeed all our anthologies. Every sale we make benefits you in the long run.

*- We will not accept reprints or simultaneous submissions, which means:

– We request that any stories you submit to us be exclusive to Dastaan World for six [6] months from the date of publication. All rights will subsequently return to the author.

– In order to avoid hassles with Amazon and Google, and so our anthologies don’t struggle for sales because of technicalities, we must insist you only submit previously unpublished work.

– Please do not send submissions tangled up in prior agreements.

– Please do not send your submissions more than once.

– Please do not send your submissions for Dastaan World’s anthologies to other publications until you receive an acceptance/rejection email from us.

*- All submissions will be reviewed based on their content, quality, and relevance.

*- Authors must be willing to accept changes to their work where necessary, and should be open to receiving feedback and suggestions.

*- We will not accept novel excerpts or anything which includes illustrations and/or photographs.

*- We will never accept erotica of any kind for any of our anthologies.

*- Any submissions which insult, offend or discriminate against any person, group, community, race, nation, and/or religion will be immediately rejected.

*- For all anthologies, we will allow a maximum of two [2] submissions per author, only one of which will be accepted for publication.

*- Authors will receive all prize money between 90 to 120 days after they meet the criteria, and rewards are announced.

*- We aim to reply to all submissions within two [2] to four [4] weeks. If you do not hear back from us during that period, please send a query to